Pearl River High School Parent Teacher Student Association

All parents and teachers are urged to join the PTA to unite home, school, and the community for our children.  Money raised through dues and fundraising is used for cultural arts assemblies, after-school programs, field trips, instructional equipment and materials, college scholarships and similar needs. Meeting dates are posted on the calendar.  PTSA meetings are open to all.  Please join us.

PRHS PTSA Membership Sign-up

2017-18 PTSA Executive Board

President Vice President Treasurer
Sherri Preston Donna Branca Ray Neubauer
845-494-5047 845-729-0213  
Co-Corresponding Secretaries Co-Recording Secretaries
Jen Lierow Francine McGuire Eileen Byman Terry McGeever
845-620-9257 845-620-9606 914-522-6279 917-842-9252