Pearl River High School Parent Teacher Student Association (PRHS PTSA)

The PTSA is a voluntary organization composed of parents, teachers and students to mutually understand and increase the effectiveness of our high school's educational programs.  All parents and teachers are urged to join the PTA to unite home, school, and the community for our children.

Money raised through dues and fundraising is used for cultural arts assemblies, instructional equipment and materials, college scholarships and similar needs. Meeting dates are listed below.  PTSA meetings are open to all.  



Membership fee information and Links

Membership fee for parents/guardians, teachers = $10      Student fee = $4 

$4 sent to NYS PTA for each member     

If you would like to join the PRHS PTSA:

If you would like to make a donation:


Tuesday, September 24, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Hilton Pearl River Grand Ballroom

Promotional gifts will be given to the first 200 students to arrive.

29 years running.

Over 150 colleges and universities represented, including SUNY, out-of-state universities and many private colleges

Open to all students and parents everywhere, free of charge.
Seniors... Now is the time to confirm your choices!
Juniors... Now is prime time to explore your options!
Freshman and Sophomores Welcome... It's never to early to start exploring!

Questions? Contact

2019-2020 PTSA Executive Board

Jackie McGee   845-595-3910

Vice President  
Donna Branca   845-729-0213

Ray Neubauer   845-664-0022

Corresponding Secretary
Denise Anselmi   914-720-6788

Co-Recording Secretaries

Eileen Byman   914-522-6279
Terry McGeever  917-842-9252 

PTSA Meeting Schedule

We hope to see you at our meetings!  They all start at 7pm and will be in Library or Pirate Cove. 

A reminder will be sent prior to the meeting.

September 17th                   October 29th                          January 22nd                       March 25th                May 6th



SAVE THE DATE - Friday 11/15/19 ~ 7p-11p

People often forget how important the PTSA is in the high school.

Knowing how busy the parents are supporting their child's extracurricular activities 

we limit our fundraising to one event a year.

This year we will have a fall fundraiser on November 15th in the Pearl Room

at the Pearl River Saloon,

entertained by Dan Lopez.