Welcome to Pearl River High School

Welcome to Pearl River High School!

Pearl River High School is a high performing high school serving students in
grades 8 through 12 in the Pearl River School District.  Our enrollment is about 1040 students.   

Pearl River High School Profile

"Believe You Can Achieve"

Main Office Phone: (845) 620-3800

Principal: Michael Murphy  (845) 620-3802

Assistant Principal: Suzanne Horton  (845) 620-3804

Assistant Principal: TBA  (845) 620-3847

Guidance Office:  (845) 620-3812 or (845) 620-3813

Highlights of the Class of 2019

- 99% earned New York State Regents diplomas* 
- 65% earned Advanced Regents diplomas* 
           *Data includes both in-district & out-of-district students
- 97% continued on to college, university, or technical school
- 69% are attending four-year colleges
- 28% are attending two-year colleges
- 1% are entering the military
- 95% of special education students attained regents/advanced regents diplomas 

SAT Scores:
Mean SAT Total Score:  1174
Mean Math Score:  589
Mean Reading & Writing Score:  585

Advanced Placement (college Level) Courses/Exams:
307 AP exams were taken
83% received a passing score of ‘3’ or higher

National Merit Semifinalists: 5

Scholar Athletes:
23 out of 27 varsity teams were named NYS Scholar Athlete Teams with team GPA average of 90 or better
Four (4) seniors were named Journal News Scholar Athletes of the Week.