Keeping Teenagers Safe

The purpose of this page is to provide information to parents regarding a variety of topics that affect our teens.
If you need assistance with a topic listed below, or any issue that is affecting your teen and you don't know where to get help, please feel free to call your child's school counselor or the district's school social worker.

School Counselors     School Social Worker School Psychologists
Randee Stark  845-620-3807   Norma Canals  845-620-3806 Jamie Martens  845-620-3810
Evelyn Hornacek  845 620-3814    Samantha Turco  845-620-3817
Kim Ballard  845-620-3809    
Richard Urvater  845-620-3808    



Are you looking for help on a particular topic that is not listed here?  Please email or call your child's school counselor or our social worker, Norma Canals, at the numbers listed at the top of the page.  They will be able to provide you with resources in a confidential manner.