Health Office

Welcome to the PRHS Health Office

School Nurse:   J.Sara Dworkin
School Health Clerk:   Kathy Toal 

Ph. 845-620-3819
Fax: 845-620-0569

The Role of the School Nurse
New York State law limits services of the school medical and dental staff to inspection and reporting.  No treatments may be done at school.  The nurse can only administer medication with parental permission and a doctor's prescription.  The school nurse coordinates health services at PRHS, and is available to assist you in finding community agencies or specialists who can evaluate special problems which may be affecting your child. 

The following link contains important student health Information regarding immunizations, physical exams, administering medications, and more:    PRSD School Health Information

Referral Services Available 

Important Information

In accordance with New York State regulations, student physical examinations are required for all students in grades K, 1,3, 5, 7, 9 and 11, as well as all new students. 

NYS has updated their
School Health Examination Form. When you take your child for their annual wellness check-up, please ensure that you and your pediatrician are completing and submitting this version of the form to the school nurse. NYS will no longer allow school districts to accept a previous version.

School Physician Letter to Parents 9-13-20

School Physician Letter to Parents 9-13-20 (Spanish)


Immunization Requirements for High School Students

**New York State requires all students entering the 12th grade to have two doses Meningococcal vaccine.**

Additional information regarding the meningococcal vaccine requirements.

Working Papers

Students seeking employment are required to provide a Physical Fitness Certification when applying for 'working papers'.  Please complete an Application for Employment Certificate and call the PRHS Health Office at 620-3819 or email for next steps.