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Community Service-- The deadline for community service awards consideration for grades 9, 10 and 11 is May 3; the deadline for seniors is May 10. You must have at least 25 hours in the current school year to be considered for an award.

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RCC College-Level Courses at PRHS

The Rockland Community College High School Program (RCCHSP) is open to juniors and seniors, allowing them to take RCC courses at Pearl River High School.  The RCC courses being offered, and their pre-requisites, are listed in the Pearl River High School Program of Studies.

Students enrolling in the RCCHSP  must complete and submit the RCCHSP Certification Form and a Student Data Form to the Counseling Department by March 28; parental/guidance signatures are required.    You must apply electronically.  Students must sit for the Accuplacer Placement Test to ensure they are eligible to take the course(s).

The Accuplacer Placement Test will be offered at Rockland Community College.  RCC will inform students of the exact date, time and location as soon as that information becomes available.  Students who miss the exam must make arrangements directly with Rockland Community College to take the exam on another date.  It is highly recommended that students take time to prepare for the Accuplacer test.  A number of links to online resources can be found at RCC's Review, Practice, and Test-taking Tips page; or visit their website at and click on the box for "Online Review and Practice."  Students who receive testing accommodations should also complete the RCC Assessment Exam Accommodation Request Form.

Some students may be exempt from taking the Accuplacer test based on their SAT, ACT and/or NYS Regents scores.  A Request for Waiver of the Placement Test must be completed with the required documentation above.

Rockland Community College will manage the collection of tuition and fees once the course begins.

BOCES Career & Technical Education (CTEC)

Are you interested in spending half of your school day in Junior and Senior year learning about a possible career path in one the following areas?

- Automotive Technology Academy
- Communications Academy
- Construction Trades Academy
- Cosmetology
- Criminal Justice
- Culinary Arts
- Cyber Technology
- Health Science Academy

If you are, learn more about the BOCES CTEC Program.