Project Graduation Information

Please see the attached packet for everything you need to know regarding Project Graduation. 


Happy New Year!

 Here's the information I have from our November meeting.


Decorating Committee - Kris Sweeney has agreed to be our chairperson for this subcommittee with Grace Cosgrove and Angie Terry acting as assistant chairs.  Sue Politis, Jeanette Considine and Dawn DeThomas have also signed up to help this committee.

This Committee comes up with a theme of the decorations and collects/makes items to be displayed in the foyers as they enter and in the cafeteria.  They might meet separately than the Project Graduation scheduled meetings.  "Many hands make like work" for this committee they prepare prior and  decorate the day of graduation.  Underclassman welcome to obtain community service for the next school year.


T-Shirts - Allison McKenna is the chairperson of this subcommittee.  Terry Parker has signed up to help her.  EVERY SENIOR GETS A T-SHIRT.  This committee works with the Art Department to get senior art work that has been approved by administration for the front of the t-shirt.  Then confirms the senior roster to be put on the back of the shirt.   With the assistance of student government sizes of the t-shirts per student are attained.  Then required to get 3 bids from various vendors and place the order with one of them.  When the shirt arrives the orders are put  in envelopes with every students name and according to size they ordered. 


Sr. Paint the Wall BBQ Friday, 6/1 - Sherri Preston will be the chairperson of this subcommittee.  Sue Politis has signed on to help.  This committee coordinates with cafeteria to order the food and purchases water.  People are needed to setup, cook and serve the food while the students paint the wall.  They also coordinate with the Senior advisors as to the time slot of lunch because they have an assembly and distribute Yearbooks on this day.


Permission Forms/medical Forms/Fee - Allyn Flaherty is the chairperson of this subcommittee.  Eileen Byman has signed up to help with this committee.  A letter that explains the evening to the parents will be mailed in May.  The Permission slip will be included for the parents signature and their number in case they need to be contacted.  A medical form to let us know of any allergies etc. and payment of $25 fee.  All attendees must have this turned in prior to the date of the event.  Committee sets up a spreadsheet with all senior names and what forms have been collected for entry.  This committee will be at the entry checking the seniors in.


Program/Journal - Terry Parker is the chairperson for this subcommittee.  Jeanette Considine has signed up to assist with this committee.  This is a free memorial program of sentiments for the seniors from their family.  It also lists the donors for the event.  A copy of the journal are given to the seniors at dismissal.


Chaperones - WE NEED A CHAIRPERSON FOR THIS SUBCOMMITTEE.  Grace Cosgrove, Angie Terry, Sue Politis, Dagmar Klein, Josephine Lee and Nora Reilly have signed up but a chairperson is needed who can assign the positions of the volunteers.  In the past the chairperson was present for the entire evening.  Perhaps it can be co-chairs to split overseeing the chaperones and fill in a spot if someone doesn't show for their shift.  We need 19 chaperones per shift.  Time slots are 10:30-2 and 2-5.


Food Committee - Kelli Coughlin is the chairperson.  Josephine Lee, Dagmar Klein and Allison McKenna have signed up to help.  Volunteers are needed to pickup food the day of the event and placed in the kitchen to be stored until the night.  We have already secured the chef  to stay overnight and prepare breakfast in the morning.


Finance, Entertainment, Flowers and Fundraising  are subcommittees that I chair in addition to overseeing all the above mentioned subcommittees.  


The next 6 months will fly.  It is a lot of work but a GREAT night and if everyone can responsibly execute their part it will be a great evening for you and the seniors.  The seniors are VERY appreciative after the evening because it exceeds their expectations it feels good to provide this evening for them!


Project Graduation Meetings are January, 18, March 15 and May 23 approximately start at 7:30... since we follow the PTSA meeting in Pirate Cove at Pearl River High School.  Subcommittees can meet separately from these meetings if needed.


We welcome parents from all grades.  I know in other districts they deem a certain grade to prepare for the evening.  You will never find me to turn down a volunteer!


Thank you,


Jackie McGee

cell 845-596-3910